Margaret Holden

“ I believe that good design is an artistic endeavor.  No matter what you are designing for the result should provide a sense of wonderment as well as peace."

Artist / UI Designer / Interior Designer 



UI Design for Allonis Automation


I work to create user interfaces for integrators looking to create a distinctive look and feel for that represents them in the automation field. I also create unique UIs for home owners looking to complement a home environment or a particular style. Utilizing Allonis' myDesigner application, I can design something that you will be proud to show off to customers or friends and family.

Floor Plans for Sports Bars 


Floor Plans are a great addition to a custom automation system. I can provide you with a clear visually representation of your bar so that you and your employees and quickly locate your TV's and change channels with ease.

Floor Plans for Home Automation UIs


What is better than seeing your entire home at a glance and knowing where lights are on, garage doors are up, shades are open and fireplaces are on. Control everything from a single page just by touching a room. 

What 's Needed for User Interface Floor Plans


In order to create the files needed for Allonis UI's I would need  an AutoCAD file. If you don't have your original files I can create your floor plan with an outline and clear measurements.


Floor Plans for Interior Design


I create professional floor plans for interior design projects. I am a space planner who loves to design new layouts! My floor plans are created in AutoCAD and can be turned over to a contractor or builder.

What's Needed for Interior Design Floor Plans


In order to create AutoCAD floor plans I would need a sketch of your space and clear and accurate measurements of where each wall, window, door and opening is located.



UI Design and Floor Plans are priced by the hour so the cost varies depending on the scope of the project. Floor Plan cost for home automation is based on the size of your home. Please contact me below for an estimate.




Customize your UI look & feel

Customize your UI to only the elements you need. Change layout, colors, or add images.




Interact with your visual space

Average Sports Bar Floor plan is two hours.

Average Home Automation floor plan is three.




Design Boards

Interior Design pricing varies with the scale of each design project.