Margaret Holden

“ I believe that good design is an artistic endeavor.  No matter what you are designing for the result should provide a sense of wonderment as well as peace."

Artist / UI Designer / Interior Designer 


User-Interfaces designed for Allonis' automation software.

Allonis provides a wide range of automation products including home automation such as lighting, climate, security and music and media management. They also provide a sports bar automation system which controls multiple TVs. My goals with their newest design were to create something artistic and elegant while providing a smooth and efficient user-experience. 


Phone App Wireframe using Adobe XD.

Allonis Website

New Allonis website is about to be released. It's being created using Joomla. The goal of the new website is to highlight the new "v6"  or version 6 of the software and what its main purposes are. I wanted to incorporate the new user-interfaces in a subtle way in each image to reflect how and where they would be used. Allonis also provides visitors a live demo of the software and UI to interact with.


Beni & Joon Pet Shelter Website

This is mockup of a non-profit pet shelter which provides a collection of pets available for adoption as well as veterinary services. My main goals with this website were to make users feel welcome by conveying warmth and friendliness through the use of color and content, as well as making sure they could easily search for a pet and get all the details clearly presented. 


Wireframe for Beni & Joon website using Axure.

Allonis' main user-interface.

This user-interface was a whole new look and feel for the company as well as user experience when it came out. One of the goals of this design was to create something "completely different" than others in the industry. Another was to minimize the steps needed to perform a specific task. This was also the beginning of providing the same design for tablet and phone.