Margaret Holden

“ I believe that good design is an artistic endeavor.  No matter what you are designing for the result should provide a sense of wonderment as well as peace."

Artist / UI Designer / Interior Designer 

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Whether I am designing an interior or a user interface my goal is the same; wonderment and peace. When you step into a well designed room you will know it instantly. As you stop and take the time to look around at all the elements that have come together to create this beautiful visual picture as well as calm feeling, you will begin to appreciate what designers have to offer. Your home is truly your sanctuary so why not feel this way every day.

When creating a user interface I focus on not only on overall look but the user experience. The process one takes to achieve a desired outcome can alter how you think and feel about a specific product. Ease of use with minimal action creates a sense of calmness. Just like an interior, an interface can be aesthetically pleasing and I work to create a look which will ultimately complement your style.



Home Automation user interface design for Allonis software. Custom look and feel, floorplans and more.


Custom home interior design including space planning, design boards, and interior room renderings.